I like this idea! Trouble Concept. This is bad for a large number of reasons; the primary being that the skill exists but will never be used by the characters in the game. FATE CORE Number of Skills to pick from: 18 Skill Cap: 4 Pyramid Spread: one 4, two 3, three 2, four 1, eight 0. Share tips and tricks or ask questions about the game. Fate Core has its roots in the genre of pulp action, ... and one of the ways they restructured their skill list is to give characters, instead of a standard skill 4-level pyramid, a 3-level pyramid for non-fighter pilot skills, and a 4-slant for the fighter pilot skills, such that everybody's got one piloting skill at each of +4/+3/+2/+1. And on the other, I really want to have a clear distinction and specialization in the skills. Starfleet Training Having gone through the rigors of the Academy, Starfleet officers possess an impressively broad base of abilities (especially those dealing with space travel). This is the basic premise of the fields. FOR CHOOSING SKILLS AS A GROUP First, each player claims a different skill card for their top-tier skill (the peak of the pyramid). The default skill pyramid allows you to have one skill at Great (+4) and more at lower levels. What this does now is that even though you are Good (+3) at Science and you are trying to analyze some alien language with Linguistics, something which you did not choose to study in detail, your skill roll is made at Average (+1) instead. For simplicity's sake, you can say yes and that is perfectly fine. It should therefore be somewhat be similar to the default one in Fate Core, which has the 18 skills Athletics, Burglary, Contacts, Crafts, Deceive, Drive, Empathy, Fight, Investigate, Lore, Notice, Physique, Provoke, Rapport, Resources, Shoot, Stealth and Will. Therefore, I am going to do some deep diving into fate mechanics and parts of fate, in the hope people will discuss with me and I might achieve a higher level of fate-zen enlightenment :) First up: skills, and specifically the skill pyramid. The usual Fate Core skill pyramid doesn’t apply to skills in modes. So think about what's important in your setting. So with FATE Core as inspiration I took a shot at whittling down the BGB skill list down to 15 skills that I'm thinking may be a good way to streamline whatever game I try next. ... and so on. Role amongst the Crew – this can be your literal job role (pilot, cook, public relations) if it’s not covered by your High Concept, but more likely it refers to your role in a social sense. Starting Refresh is 4 with 4 free stunts making starting characters very powerful. An ADDITIONAL aspect that all character have but some races will use this the slot for a Racial Aspect. What you end up here with is something I call Skill Fields. Given the Fate Core standard character pyramid is Great (+4), you get a total of 10 separate skills on your character sheet in the range of Average (+1) to Great (+4). Skills influence the number of stress boxes you end up with as well. Rather than using the skill as the maximum value, I made it the floor. You also studied other fields of science, but you are not as versed in them as these three. This chapter contains the heart of the system. Maybe I'd better stop there. Diaspora has historically used a 5 cap skill pyramid, but for this shorter list a 4 cap is more appropriate. Powered by. How about Jekyll and Hyde? For example, whatever your +3 skill is, it unlocks a pyramid of 3-5. This has two effects on character creation. The way my current iteration of the skill list is as follows (without setting specific ones)Contacts: Authorities, Underworld, Hackers, etc.Crafts: Armour, Art, Disguise, Forgery, Locks, Weapons, Traps.Drive: Air, Beast, Ground, Microgravity, WaterFight: Blunt, Edged, Energy, Great, MartialLore: Nobility, Beasts, History, Planets, Security, Streetwise, Survival, Technology, Torture, TrackingPsi: Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, Telepathy, etc.Science: Archeology, Biology, Cosmology, Cybernetics, Nanotechnology, Energy Fields, Mathematics, Medicine, etc.Shoot: Artillery, Heavy, Primitive, Energy, Slug, ThrownStarship: Engines, Gunnery, Navigation, Piloting, Repair, SensorsPhew, that's a lot for sure! You sir, need to get out of my head.I was talking to one of my D&D players yesterday about how to do "classes" with Fate Core. Fate uses a scale called the Ladder to rank things - skills, difficulties, whatever. My assumption was that it would be good for other skills as well. The more efficient mode will never give up its lead in skill points. Fate is available under the Open Game License! Adding A Poor Character Skill to the Pyramid. This bit is fantastic and got me thinking: "Another way to go would be to have spells as stunts, possibly as stunts you could swap out via some sort of spellbook mechanism. +William Chambers yesterday posted to the FATE Core community asking how a character sheet could be set up to cover this and I offered my experience to aid him. 4: 107: July 10, 2020 Why does Fate Condensed have Academics when Fate Core does not? 4. I am considering adding in Survival as a skill. Total Skill points: 9 Average Skill Strength: 1.8 Number of skills at 1+: 5 Percentage of all possible skills with at least 1+: 83% Percentage of all possible skills above average: 50%. As per Fate Core, every character starts out with: 1. There are a lot of different sciences such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Linguistics, Geology, Mathematics, Psychology, etc. The Bulldogs! Next Up: Stunts and Extras in Fate Core Vampire For each 1 or 2, move down one step, and for each 5 or 6 move up one. . I did not want to give the players too many stunts, as that adds too much plus tracking for my liking. It is safe to say if you don't know a skill, you are terrible at it. If you would like a change or a recent change needs to be reverted, I would suggest that you find out who the author is (there are many sheets you might be referring to) and politely explain the problem and discuss a revision.