List Management


List ManagementNational Fundraising Lists' primary goal in managing our clients' lists is to establish exchange relationships to reduce their list acquisition fees. Renting our clients' files to yield list rental income also helps to offset the major costs of their donor acquisition program.  We work with our client base to develop realistic expectations for list marketing based on marketing history, our awareness of the marketplace, and our ability to project exchange capabilities and rental revenues. Our clients' house files names are their livelihood―and we only market their lists when we can do so without negatively impacting their overall program.

Every list represented by NFL has its own distinct marketing plan. We assist list owners in maximizing list rental income to help create a stable, diversified and accountable profit center aside from their direct-response programs.

We strategically and aggressively promote our clients' lists to increase list rental income through:

• Email list promotions – Bi-weekly advertisements to other list brokers
• Email signature/tag lines – From NFL team members promoting clients' lists on a rotating monthly basis
• Direct-mail promotions
• Conference attendance – Meetings with list brokers to promote our clients' lists
• Advertising in SRDS and Nextmark – List search engines
• Targeted recommendations to list brokers and mailers via phone, email and personal interactions at meetings and industry events

Knowing that today's marketplace is highly competitive and more diversified than ever, we carefully screen potential users and the packages they are mailing to our clients' donor files. We also provide yearly market and segment analysis including:

• Revenue trends year by year
• Competitive pricing analysis
• Competitive list universe analysis
• Exchange balance analysis

National Fundraising Lists believes that a list manager should perform not only the basic order processing services, but also serve as a marketing extension to the list owner.

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